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About : National Social Society

“I never teach pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn…”                                  

- Albert Einstein


Inspired by many unfavorable life experiences, we initiated National Social Society, a dedicated non-governmental organization, with an idea to nurture and support the deprived sections of the society,spreading sustainability and self-sufficiency among them.



To provide a secular platform where every under privileged child gets a fair chance of having a quality education, a good health and a healthy environment to uplift themselves in the modern world.


·          To eradicate the sense of fear and feelings of insecuritiesfrom the children regarding their education.

·          Powering the future: By making people pertinent to realize their full potential through various innovative educating techniques.


·          National Social Society is determined to provide qualityeducation toa number of under privileged youth for the betterment of their future.

·          Strengthening women by providing them various vocational and skill development trainings so that they can rightly act against social injustice and varied disparities that exploit their present well-being.

·          To empower differently abled girls for their better future prospects.

·          To act against various mal practices like Child Labor and human trafficking and bringing them in main stream education highlighting their status in society.

·          To provide every possible aid to the poor section of the society who are unable to cater their needs in this tough competing world.


Whether the challenge is to provide best education or to provide better health, we hear and learn so we can identify the grave problems that get little attention. Then we strategically implement our major goals so that we can have our greatest impact.

The issues we are engaged in are widely accepted and therefore we provide a comparatively different and more enhanced approach in bringing back the interest of the children towards studies.

Modern electronic education technology is an important part of the society today. Hence, we are focusing more towards e-learning so that every child must connect himself with the outer world





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