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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

  According to a United Nations’ report, around 32% of women in the world has been experiencing physical and mental violence since they were 15 years old. Among 1.4 million people all over the world with daily wage of below $1, 70% of them are women or girls. Interestingly, women are helping to produce more than half of the food of the world.Women do not need special encouragement than men, but need to consider them as a person. It is often that women and their ideas are rejected or devalued without valuing their suggestions. Majority of women lack opportunities to grow as a person in the society. They are considered as secondary in the male dominant society. If the society can consider men and women as complementary to each other, then only the problem will reach to an end. Women and men both need encouragement in early stages to get the right vision and strength in life.

Why do we need Women Empowerment? Mainly to broadened the role of women in the society, to eradicate the sense of fearlessness from them so that they can have their own perspective to the outside world which in turn will directly motivate them to live a more enhanced life.

·       Angels institute of beauty & wellness

Angels  is a Program for illiterate women within the age group of 18 to 45 years, who have been made literate in slum area of rural India. Several women participants from slum areas were benefited by this program

  The Scheme of Condensed Courses of Education was initiated by NSS in 2008 to cater to the needs of adult girls / women who could not join mainstream education system or were school dropouts. The scheme aims to provide educational opportunities to girls / women above the age of 15 years along with additional inputs of skill development /


ü     Vocational training. The main focus of the scheme is to ensure that contents of the course are need-based and modified according to local requirement, simultaneously targeting various stages of educational levels of primary / middle / high school and matric / secondary level courses. The program also aims at instilling confidence among adult women through education making them able citizens. Selection of candidates is required to be done by a committee comprising the institution and the Principal / representative of a local government school of the area where the course is to be held. The Scheme is being implemented through Voluntary Organizations and educational institutions, having requisite infrastructure and experience in the field of women / social development and education across the country.

In many parts if the world, girls are not even given education, and are not treated at the same level as boys. Since they don't have qualifications, they are not left with a choice but always be dependent on the other part (who is a male) who could misuse the helplessness.Educating women will give the ability to make smart choices and be ahead of the crowd.

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