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About : National Social Society

We initiated in January 2007, as “Lakshya  Ek Nai Asha", Now registered as “National Social Society”. National Social society a Non Government Development Organization is working on issues affecting the education, with a special focus on children believing in the fact that ‘Every child has right for education’. The organization exists and is active towards making that possible putting all its efforts to achieve its aim.



National Social Society is an Organization registered at Pan India level and work effectively with youth & women in communities and slums in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Rajasthan and also in the rural areas in close proximity of these locations. 


We are successfully working in favor of the socio – economic development of the women, by providing them different vocational and skill development trainings and encouraging them to participate in society as a human being to fight against social injustice, exploitation and to remove the social disparities. For the purpose, our team of dedicated and committed young social workers, activists and volunteers have made remarkable contributions from time to time.




Our goal is to offer quality education to youth & women and prepare & set them to accept any challenge in Society by strengthening their skills and persona through it.




Our Vision is to educate each and every child in India, and provide a QUALITY EDUCATION to the children from all strata of the society and especially to the children from under privileged and marginalized groups.


NSS hopes to achieve our target of educating each child in Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Kolkata by 2020 and spreading our area of work in whole of India. We aim to empower every woman who is marginalized by our unique ventures and initiative as well as will work on Health Awareness (Cancer, HIV), Education, Child Labor, child education and visually impaired children.



Our mission is to organize effective programs and evolve models of awareness building and Community education in diverse areas such as Human Rights, Environment, Education, Health and social development.

To modify it further, we would present it in following statements:

·          To work for women education and uplift  the society

·          To Work for the Medical Causes like Cancer, HIV etc

·          To abolish the mal practices like Child Labor and  bring them in main stream education and highlight their status in society

·          To work for the visually impaired Girls in the society for their prospect and better position


1) Accountably and Transparency

2) Human rights

3) Responsibility

4) Confidentiality

5) Respect for others

6) Commitment and trust ship

7) Networking

8) Performance and team working

9) Peace culture and pluralism

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