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Corporate Social Responsibility


This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (“Policy”) has been formulated pursuant to the provisions of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 20I4, as amended from time to time, by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (“Committee”) and approved by the Board of Directors.

This Policy shall be effective from 5th March, 2015.


The objective of this Policy is to align the current Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities of the Company with the requirements of Companies Act, 2013 and outline the way forward to pursue its social projects and programmes in a focused manner ensuring maximum positive impact to the society.


This Policy shall apply to all CSR programmers of the Company.

Conceptualization and development of CSR 


NSS can conceptualize and develop CSR Plan for your company as per your requirements. However, we have already developed some projects, which can be sponsored or implemented by your company.


Implementation of CSR Initiatives

Sensible Implementation is the key to success of any CSR initiative. With its nationwide network of dedicated volunteers, NSS can effectively implement your CSR Initiatives in any part of the country.


Supervision of CSR initiatives

NSS can supervise/monitor your CSR initiatives in any part of the country and provide appropriate report to the company.


Social Audit of CSR initiatives

To maximize the impact of your CSR initiatives, NSS can conduct Social Audit for your CSR plans and submit timely report along with practical recommendations.


Development of CSR Communications and print material


NSS can develop, print and distribute communication material like newsletters, leaflets and other communications for corporate.


Baseline Survey/ Research for CSR Plans


NSS  Research can undertake baseline and preliminary surveys on behalf of  Corporates to devise its CSR plans.


Employee Engagement in Social activities


NSS can engage employees of corporate houses in its current or proposed social activities.


Event management for Corporates


With its experienced and qualified event management professionals, NSS can organize seminars, workshops and other events for coporates.


Why NSS?

Since NSS is a not-for-profit organization, project costs will be competitive and surplus income will be utilized to support NSS  initiatives for the welfare.

Wide range of qualified experienced and dedicated professions from almost all sectors are available with NSS .they are eager to offer their services/expertise free of cost to any collaborating corporate.



The Company shall finalise the CSR budget in view of the CSR plan envisaged and considered fit, and the same shall be in compliance with the applicable laws.

The Company shall specify modalities of utilization of funds on such projects and programs if its CSR activities are being undertaken through a registered trust, society, Section 8 Company or any other entity.

The Company shall give preference to the local area(s) around it where it operates for spending the amount earmarked for CSR activities.

The surplus arising out of the CSR projects or programmes or activities shall not form part of the business profits of the Company.

Modalities of execution & implementation schedules

The CSR projects & programmes of the Company will be executed either directly or in collaboration with a NGO or through an external agency or by making contributions in the Fund or corpus set up by the State / Central Government or trust/society/section 8 companies respectively.

The Company and NSS will identify the needs of the local communities and effectively implement the projects designed to fulfill the needs of the people in these designated villages & communities. The Company may also get an independent evaluation done for need assessment.

The Company will also encourage and recognize its employees for volunteering in the community by serving and sharing their expertise and skill.

Monitoring & Reporting mechanism

The Organisation will establish a monitoring & Reporting framework to evaluate the progress and impact of its CSR activities. Monthly reports on all the ongoing projects will be shared by the NSS (CSR Team) and an annual review shall be done by the CSR Committee. The Board shall thereafter review the performance of the CSR activities of the Company, review the project-wise amount spent, set targets and approve budgets for the next year on the recommendations of the CSR Committee and ensure compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder.

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